SRI Sugar Tutorials features courses on sugar milling from the industry professionals – Australia’s Sugar Research Institute (SRI).


Each course contains video tutorials designed to teach mill workers the concepts and procedures for operating a cane sugar mill. SRI’s courses include an introductory process overview, clarification, milling trains, evaporators, mud filters, pans and high grade fugal stations.


SRI Sugar Tutorials are recommended for new and experienced operators:

– New operator?  SRI Sugar Tutorials let you look and learn, before you arrive on site.

– Changing positions?  SRI Sugar Tutorials help you understand what your new responsibilities might be.

– Toolbox meetings?  Use SRI Sugar Tutorials to refresh your knowledge.


SRI Sugar Tutorials are a great way to learn about your work, and how your work contributes to making sugar at your mill.  SOTrain, a training system operated by QUT, provides access to more advanced written technical information on the sugar production process for Australian syndicate mills.


Australian mills only:
International mills:


SRI Sugar Tutorials explain sugar factory processes, operations and equipment in an accessible, understandable course format using a series of online videos for training sugar mill staff. This is an initiative of Sugar Research Institute - global experts in sugar milling and refining technology. Copyright © 2016 Sugar Research Institute