SRI Sugar Tutorials is a video tutorials website for operators and factory staff to learn sugar mill concepts, processes and equipment in an accessible, understandable course format. It features visually engaging course content mapped to Australian vocational competencies. An initiative of Sugar Research Institute, this online training resource is available to employees of Australian sugar mills.


Established in 1949, Sugar Research Institute is owned and supported by Australia’s sugar milling industry. SRI’s understanding of the science of sugar processing helps sugar mills and refineries worldwide to maximise sugar recovery, and to deliver best practice in process efficiency and plant design.  For more information about SRI visit: www.sri.org.au


Not from an Australian sugar mill?  Visit our international SRI Sugar Tutorials website:


SRI Sugar Tutorials explain sugar factory processes, operations and equipment in an accessible, understandable course format using a series of online videos for training sugar mill staff. This is an initiative of Sugar Research Institute - global experts in sugar milling and refining technology. Copyright © 2016 Sugar Research Institute